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                Festive Winter Weddings

Fairy tales seem to be spun of winter weddings. That theme can be played up in the wedding decor in a variety of color schemes.  There are many color themes to consider for this time of year. Color schemes can be shades of deep blue and white and silver, or royal blue and gold, or deep burgundies with midnight blue, or reds with silver and white. Some brides choose an ice-blue and silver theme. One color scheme that also creates a lovely unusual theme reflecting the symbolism of the celebration is a winter white wedding. The bridesmaids would wear a color such as silver or gold, however, the bouquets and decorations can be in white. A wedding in this scheme is pristine, lovely, elegant and unusual yet still  classic. Mothers can wear silver, gold or muted blue or dove grey. An all-white wedding can be formal or semi-formal.

Winter weddings require careful planning to work out the logistics of many other events competing for attention, such as holiday parties, college vacations, inclement weather, and even family birthdays. While many brides choose December, January and February for their weddings, this season has fewer weddings than summer or fall, probably for many of the reasons stated. Yet because it is party and family season, when people are planning to travel to "go home for the holidays," it can be a practical time if given enough advance notice to plan without getting overly stressed or distracted.

The most festive season of the year will make for easy dress shopping for wedding guests. Mothers, on the other hand, will want to start well before this. If given a year's advance notice, mothers can begin to visit shops or department stores in season when  holiday gowns are on display. Get ideas from the winter issues of brides magazines. You don't have to buy a holiday gown that much in advance, but it helps to begin to form ideas. If having your dress custom-made, it is not necessary to purchase too far in advance as your measurements might change a little. However, meeting with the design shop is a good idea so they can know what you have in mind and reserve fabric of shop for fabric. It sometimes happens that a mother does select and purchase a dress well in advance. Then when the next year's fashions are out, she might find something she likes better. Because she knows she has a dress, she doesn't  feel pressured. If that should happen to you, you can  get the new dress and save the other for another event such as an engagement or announcement party, or the wedding of a niece or nephew.

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Groom
Shown above are classic dress styles in a  seasonal color red for mother of the bride and the groom's mother. For beautiful palette suggestions,  refer to the following website.

Mom, Heather, mother in law :)
                  Black tie at the holidays for Heather, her mom and new mother-in-law.
Some brides try to plan a wedding 'midst the year-end holidays to coordinate with other life events, such as graduation or a move for a job, only to find they do not have enough time. Because so much else is going on in their lives, along with the holidays and family expectations, they find it is too overwhelming. They don't want to "squeeze in" their wedding but want to give it the attention it deserves. Emotions can run high at this time of year, adding to the stress. If that is the case, postponing a wedding until January or February when things have quieted down gives everyone something to look forward to. Everyone gets a breather from the holidays, the couple make arrangements for the other aspects of their lives, and all can anticipate a special occasion where they can wear their festive attire.

For fashion ideas for the Big Day and related events, visit Joanie Char Boutique in San Francisco. If you are not local, you can call them, they will work with you on the phone and send swatches.

Samples of Joanie Char fashions for mother of the bride and special occasion attire can be viewed on the post below,"Mother of the Bride/Groom Ensembles," dated Saturday, 11/26/2011. Store hours are Monday- Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

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