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                         Spectacular Autumn Weddings 

Wedding Bands and Bouquet
                                        September wedding in Napa features colors of the grape harvest 

A September or October wedding brings contentment, symbolizing the fruition of a relationship in starting the new life chapter of marriage.  In the world, it is a season of beginnings--new academic years, new jobs, moves to new locations. In nature, it is a season of mature beauty and harvest abundance. Nature has yielded its bounty which has been gathered in. People can relax and take time to celebrate the formation of a new family bringing another cycle of life.

These two months are the second most popular choices for weddings, after the summer season. Some romantics love this season best. The weather is reliably pleasant, the air is richly fragrant, natural light is softened, yet there are still many hours of daylight. Evenings may be pleasantly cool. Traveling for guests is convenient, with long weekends a possibility.  The saturated color palette of nature suggests slightly exotic yet pleasing combinations to pique the imagination and inspire dreams of happily-ever-after. The bride might consider a color scheme of burgundy or purple for her bridesmaids dresses. Flower bouquets and centerpieces develop the scheme with colors of royal purple, plum, aubergine, cornflower blue, magenta or bordeaux. Combine table decorations of fabric, flowers and fruit in seasonal deep blue hydrangea, with teal green leaves, purple grapes, russet and green pears, and pomegranates.  Mothers can select from this wide range of royal hues to easily harmonize with this varied scheme. Purples, lavenders and plums are surprisingly flattering to many skin tones and sometimes can be found in designer fashions. Many designers like to work with an autumn palette and introduce new collections at this time of year. The rich, blended, slightly muted colors do justice to the creativity of fashion designers. There are wonderfully luxurious tactile fabrics such as soft burn-out velvets or shimmery organdies in either softly draped dresses or more structured, shaped suits. Add a touch of paisley pattern in a purse,  jacket coverup, or shrug. If you do have one year advance notice for the wedding and find a dress or outfit you like early on, consider purchasing it. Formal and semi-formal dresses remain in style much longer than day wear. The deeper colors are more available in the fall. If a color is "it" for the season, it will still remain in vogue for a few years.  Makeup colors can be rich and deep, and fragrances warm and spicy with oriental tones.

   Traditional Autumn Colors Create a Memorable Display

fall colors!

Autumn's spectacular burst of energetic colors suggest a party. The seasonal foods and holidays are a festive backdrop for a "Fall in love" theme wedding. There is mystery and magic in the air. Trees are bathed in reds, copper and gold, the air is scented with pine cones, petals have fallen from flowers, revealing seed pods in quirky shapes and colors of deep purple and mauve. The calendar fills quickly with informal celebrations. Anticipation is in the air. An afternoon, semi-formal wedding with bridesmaids in shorter or tea length dresses complementing the bride's long gown is contemporary. Moms can wear longer skirts to do justice to the rich color scheme, but keep the look informal and harmonize rather than match. 

 Carry out the theme in copper, burnt orange, sienna, pale gold and burgundy accented with mango or fuschia to keep it bright and new.  For flower selections for bouquets and tables, consider the deep,  saturated hues of mango cala lilies, dahlias in various colors, burgundy-red roses and pincushion protea. It is an inventive, warm, memorable look that will make stunning photographs. The warm toned copper and rust fashion collections are strong this year,  many make-up companies have introduced many more "neutrals" or "naturals" in lip-colors and eye shadows. This makes it a breeze for bridesmaids to do their makeup in colors they are probably already wearing. Moms, too, just in deeper shades. 

While not everyone can wear the warm coppery colors, most women can wear burgundy or gold, these are more neutral colors. Bridesmaids can wear various colors, suggesting the diversity of the season. This theme also provides ready-made ideas for a bridal shower. Apple cider, pumpkin and apple desserts are easy and natural choices.

on the lookout

For women wanting to celebrate a renewal ceremony or a second marriage, fall is a great time to do so. Mother-of-the-bride styles are good choices for a more mature bride, especially if choosing a color other than white. A jacket or suit with a street length skirt is pretty at this less formal time of year. For palette suggestions, refer to the following website.

When you are ready to choose your outfit, do stop by or call Joanie Char Boutique. As a mother or other honored guest such as grandmother, you would want to know the bride's color scheme. Even if that is not yet settled, you can still begin your shopping for your own outfit. If you are a second-time bride or celebrating a renewal ceremony, perhaps you are scheduling a trip or a cruise to continue the celebration. Joanie Char has many selections for casual wear. The hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Samples of Joanie Char fashions for mother of the bride and special occasion attire can be viewed on the post below,"Mother of the Bride/Groom Ensembles," dated Saturday, 11/26/2011. 

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