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Fitting your Mother-of-the Bride Dress

"FAQs" (Frequently asked questions) have to do with the shopping logistics, and basic questions, such as:
When should I start shopping and getting ideas? Shouldn't I just be focusing on my daughter and not be concerned about what I wear? Should I wait until I lose that 10 pounds I have been promising myself I would lose? I don't want to look too "old" but not as though I am trying to look "too young." What is there that is appropriate for my age? How formal or casual should I look? Where can I get assistance in putting together my look and my outfit? I have concerns about de-emphasizing area, how can I do that and still have a pretty look and not be too covered up?

Today, the dresses or suits for the mother of the bride are all about enhancing your natural style. Let go of any concerns about your figure and instead, look for a color and style that flatters you and that you will enjoy wearing. The stylists and assistants who work in specialty shops are often familiar with the type of concerns you might have and can help you select an attractive look. They usually know the "tricks of the trade," such as how to camoflauge one area and highlight another area. Even if your weight does go up or down, alterations can be done. Specialty stores normally provide fittings and alterations. With a loosely fitted dress, such as the one shown below, any fluctuations in weight can be easily adjusted.

 the groom\'s parents and the bride\'s mother
Mother of the Bride is in sage green silk, figure-skimming dress with demure V-neckline, delicate beading detail,
gently flared skirt, graceful chiffon jacket with dropped shoulder. This is a versatile and flexible look that is perfect for a reception at a beach resort. Groom's mother in three piece pants outfit with attention focused on jacket detail. Scoop neckline on the shell, jacket shape, and jewelry coordinates with MOB.

The sooner you start to look for your dress or outfit, the better. Ideally, try to allow at least three to six months. We recommend this for a number of reasons. You are going to be shopping for a dress at least one and possibly more seasons ahead of when you will be wearing it. Depending on where you shop, your dress might be a special order. If it is custom-made, you will need to make sure the fabric in the color you want is available. You will also want to choose accessories. Then if you are going to help the other mother or the grandmothers coordinate their outfits with the color scheme, you will have time to help them. Also, the "peace of mind" factor is something to keep in mind. And, finally, you may find that you want several new outfits for all of the other related activities. Sometimes, you can find everything you need in one specialty shop, which will greatly simplify the coordination of your ensembles. If you shop in a custom-made shop, they will always have your measurements on file, making future shopping easy and convenient.

Seleting a style will depend on the season and location of the wedding and reception. You can gather ideas by browsing through magazines and visiting speciality shops or the formal wear department of your favorite store. Considering the season, location, and degree of formality, you'll next need to decide on either a dress, a gown, or a suit. The speciality shop or better department store will usually do alterations and schedule fittings. Often, dressy clothing is sized a bit large with the expectation that alterations will be done. How much time to allow will depend on the store. If the dress has to be ordered, then fitted and altered, you will need more time. If you go to a shop where they make their own designer clothes, it will take less time. They are also experts on altering their own designs to insure a perfect fit. Today's looser fitting styles are easier to wear, even with suits.

With the suit shown below, a slightly fitted jacket in silk duipionni has more structure and shape and is an easy solution to creating a polished, poised look that minimizes any figure flaws. A single breasted style
is comfortable to leave buttoned.
Groom\'s Mother and Bride\'s Uncle
Groom's Mother is radiant in an easy fitting silk suit with notched collar detail to draw
attention to the face and gracefuly skims the waistine ending in a slight flair. 
The simple lines of the jacket work well with the color "pop" of the rich silk.

The groom's mother wants to be as lovely and well-dressed as the bride's mom. The convention in the past was that the groom's mother could be as dressy as the bride's mother, or a notch less dressy. Today, many grooms' mothers enjoy getting as dressed up as the bride's mother for this memorable day.

In the photo below, the groom's mother is lovely and stylish in deep teal blue. The color choice is flattering and classic. A solid color, one-piece long dress is slimming. The collar and hem detail keep the eye moving up and down. The contemporary crinkle-pleated fabric adapts to the shape of the body so it is comfortable to wear. It is fashionable and dressy without being fussy.The long sleeves eliminate the need for a jacket. The combination of color, style, fabric and length are perfect for this elegant mother. The color is versatile, it can be worn by many women, it always looks elegant, and blends with many bridal color schemes. A dress like this can even be worn again and look fresh with a change of accessories.
The Groom\'s Mother Watching the Beginning
Groom's mother is lovely in deep teal blue contemporary style dress.

In addition to the mothers, there are several other significant women in the young couple's life--grandmothers, special aunts, friend's mothers. They will want to look their best as they celebrate the couple. Grandmothers will especially appreciate assistance from their daughters in putting together their outfit. Once the mothers have done the research in choosing their dress and know where to shop, helping grandmother should be easy and enjoyable.
the groom\'s aunt and mother

The groom's mother and grandmother selected compatible pastels in simple long gowns.
Mom chose a shawl cover-up, grandmother chose a jacket to match her dress. Solid colors
and figure-skimming dresses are lovely and elegant.

Casual settings for garden weddings invite a more relaxed look. Yet, mothers still want to have a dignified yet festive look. That can be achieved by choosing a light, bright color scheme in matching separates. pieces. A solid color will look more elegant and beautiful in photographs. In this groom's mother's outfit,
the accessories play up her hair color and enhance the outfit.
groom\'s family 1
Mother of the groom chose deep aqua dress and jacket for the casual garden reception.
Seasonal shades of teal, aqua, turquoise are refreshing and flattering for the groom's mother.

For mother dresses or special occasion attire such as second weddings or vow renewals, stop by Joanie Char Design Boutique. Can't come in person? Give them a call, they can send swatches and photos. Samples styles can be viewed on the post dated 11/26/2011,"Mother of the Bride/Groom Ensembles."  Store hours are Monday- Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

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