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           Spring and Summer Weddings

Mother of the Bride
While the traditional wedding season is still the months of June, July and August, they edge out the other months by only slim margins. Today, with busy lifestyles, weddings can take place at any time of year. The symbolism of the season reflects the freshness and vitality of youthful couples. Springtime symbolizes hope, new life, young love. In practical terms, it is the time of year when transitions are frequently made. With graduation parties and proms also filling the calendar, it is a convenient seasons to shop for dresses for both bridesmaids and mothers. Clothing is lighter weight and easy to layer. It is  easier to put together attractive outfits with accessories. 

No matter where you live in, June weather is usually highly compatible with weddings. The bride can choose indoor or outdoor, and guests will need fewer accessories. It is a slightly slower time of year for many people who can schedule their summer vacations to attend a wedding and other related festivities, especially if they need to travel. Although it is a busy time for wedding planners, they have more recommendations to make as there are more possibilities for indoor-outdoor weddings near home. If a bride is able to plan a year in advance, she will be able to make the accomodations she wishes. However, along with June and July as the most popular months for weddings, December is the most popular month for the engagement. That gives the bride just six months to plan her venue. That might not be enough time. So, for that time of year, a reception at home might be a consideration. Other possibilities are an unusual local historic house/museum situated in a beautiful local park. Landscaped gardens are at their loveliest and provide space for guests to stroll. 

Lately, the June palette has been bright with contrasting colors.  Hot pink with bright green, or orange and lime green were popular. We see a deepening of the palette to raspberry. The black and white or black and silver color scheme remains popular. 

If the bride selects a punched-up color palette, mothers might experiment and find these colors look fresh and youthful on them. If they prefer the watercolor pastel color palettes, these are easier to blend than at any other season. Summer brightness seems to make it all work together like a garden full of flowers. As long as you choose solids and not prints, a range of colors can make for lovely photographs. For example, if a bride chooses deep oranges, yellows or bright greens for her bridesmaids, mothers dressed in pale pink or paler colors of the same palette will blend in a soft wash of color to make beautiful photographs. The lightness and brightness of the color scheme seems to lift everyone's spirits and is perfect for an informal yet dressy garden-style wedding.
Romantic Color Palette

Mothers find their selections of springtime colors give them a youthful boost. Many women can wear shades blue or aqua or lavender or orchid.  Mothers' colors tend to be feminine and soft in dresses and suits for June weddings. For the wedding, choose solids. Patterns are very personal and harder to select. We suggest you consider pattens only for informal showers or brunches. The bridesmaids dresses may be selected in shades of rose or peach or periwinkle. If the bride favors navy blue, the summer shade of navy is brighter than the winter shade of navy. That is true of most colors. Shades of mid-tone blues and aquas can be lovely with peach or sand if going with a nautical or beach theme so popular today.

Guests enjoy attending a June wedding.  It's a leisurely time of year when they can schedule vacations.  Teachers and students have time off from school. It's a time when young couples and parents will be celebrating the special occasions and weddings of other family members. There might be several occasions when guests will have a chance to wear their finery.

At other times of year, a couple might choose a destination wedding for the novelty of a lovely new setting when the weather is bleak at home. In June, the weather itself is enough of a celebration to remain at home and welcome guests in a convenient location. Nature cooperates in June to allow simplicity and naturalness to be the theme. 
Mother of the bride
For beautiful palette suggestions for decor and clothing, please refer to the following website.

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