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Mother of the Bride: Elegant Suiting

The Simplicity of a Classic Suit 

Mother and Brother of the Bride
Mother of the Bride Mrs. Turner and son photographed by J.D. Blundell

Mothers often postpone shopping for their dress for the wedding for many reasons. The one we hear most often is they think a mother's dress is something they cannot imagine themselves wearing. Many images might come to mind--none of them flattering--such as a "costume" that is too fussy, or perhaps a gown that is too revealing. Some women worry about "figure flaws," and try on a dress that has so much fabric, it exaggerates rather than flatters. 

Fortunately, today's mothers can put together an outfit that is elegant, with clean lines, in a festive fabric and color without being too formal. The tailored look of a suit is softened with silk fabric in pastels or vibrant colors and always appropriate for a wedding taking place in a religious establishment.   

When choosing your outfit, if you select a style you know looks well on you, then dress it up with a longer skirt, you will reflect your personal style. Your well-chosen accessories polish the look.

Coordinating Mothers' Outfits Creates Harmony
Your child's wedding can also be a great time to have fun wearing something out-of-the-ordinary and coordinate your look with the other mother. This takes a little more planning, but the harmonious results  are worth the effort.
Mothers of the bride Marie (l) and groom Sue (r)
Mothers of the bride and groom coordinated the look of their dresses for pleasing harmony. The pleating detail tells the story of these softly hued dresses. Jewelry is kept to a minimum to keep the look young and fresh.

Dad is as proud and important on your child's wedding day as Mom is. Coordinating your look with your husband adds to the formality and can look quite crisp and smart in family photographs. 

Mother and father of the bride

Mrs Hodgson in red silk jacket with jeweled collar detail worn over a black scoop neck dress

Mother of Bride
Shimmering raspberry silk for one-piece dressing creates a powerful impact.

The special and unique bond between mother and daughter can be highlighted when mother coordinates her outfit to enhance her daughter's wedding dress. A dignified generational heritage is clearly conveyed by this mother, lovely in a refined suit and pearls, and the bride with her more youthful hairstyle and demure beaded gown. The timeless beauty of a single strand of pearls is all the adornment a radiant bride needs. Here, the luster of pearls is reflected in the mother's smile as well. The symbols of classic and ladylike femininity are always appropriate, especially for a formal wedding.

Bride, and mother of

R Barenblat photography, Mrs Kleinman and Mother
The mother's richly-hued silk suit is a striking complement to her daughter' formal wedding gown
  There are many ways to coordinate outfits for a formal look. The bridesmaids are in butter yellow, both mothers wear suits and picture hats. The mother of the bride in very pale yellow with a pale yellow hat, the groom's mother in bright pink. Their husbands are formally attired in matching tuxes for this daytime church wedding. 
Gareth and Fran\'s Wedding 072 Mother of the bride
Classic suits for a coordinated look, Fran's mother in silk taupe,  Gareth's mother in raspberry pink. 
Hats are the finishing touch for a traditional church wedding.
Stylish, youthful mothers are lovely in formal dresses coordinated in style and fit, and complementary in color. It is a time for everyone to be proud and look their best.

Elegant coordinated look,  Mother of Bride in dusty rose, Groom's Mother in teal blue. 
Photography by Neeta Lind

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