Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When the Wedding is a Destination

Joanie Char's Silk Chiffon Jacket & Satin Skirt
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The intrigue and romance of a destination wedding makes for a unique and memorable series of events. This is sometimes the choice for second marriages or slightly older couples who have already set up their homes. The wedding dress chosen is sometimes casual or informal.* With advance planning, traveling mothers of the bride and groom can carry this off without a worry. When planning your wardrobe for the wedding weekend, there are some special considerations. The key is to coordinate your outfits so you can put together a maximum of varied looks with a minimum of pieces. You will want to choose a color theme in travel-easy, light-weight fabrics that shed wrinkles and adapt to changes in temperature. With destination weddings, you are likely to be with the same people continuously for several days. You will want to look fresh, however long the festivities last, and no matter what climate surprises Mother Nature may bring. Choose fabrics that travel well, such as natural fibers like silks and wools that retain their shape. For casual wear, Tencil is a good choice.

Upon your return, there might be a more traditional-style reception to introduce the newlyweds to friends at home. Each of these special events often require special outfits, as photos will be snapped to commemorate the occasion. You'll want to be wearing different outfits to each event to make it unique and special, rather than feeling you are doing a replay. 

For your daughter's or son's destination wedding, Joanie Char Design can assist you in styling your look. Everything you will need for a destination weekend, from casual novelty tops and easy, comfortable slacks, to dressy skirts and jackets, and luxury silks is available in a fashion boutique. Choose from a wide range of separates in colors-- from pales to neutrals, to brights and richer hues. Make this your destination shop. Or by phone, call for a consultation for your custom orders. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p. m. Pacific time. Be sure to mention this blog.

*Some  first-time brides have also chosen formal gowns and a romantic destination to meet with family residing there.

Samples of Joanie Char fashions for mother of the bride and special occasion attire can be viewed on the post below,"Mother of the Bride/Groom Ensembles," dated Saturday, 11/26/2011. 

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