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A Note for the Mother of the Groom

Mother and son
Imagine, your son is the groom! This is the happiest day of his life, and one of the most honored times in yours. You are bound to have a mixture of emotions, from pride and happiness to tears of joy. You will want to dress beautifully and stylishly to enhance the lifetime memories to be created. You will be greeting guests and family members and be photographed in family portraits. This is a Big Day to be graciously shared.  For, without you, there would be no dashing Prince Charming for the lovely
bride, your new daughter-in-law you will cherish as your newest family member.

We can make suggestions for you to be as chic and colorful as any mother deserves. It's customary to consult with the bride and her mother before choosing your dress. Consider the location, time of day, degree of formality, season and color scheme. Choose a style of formality compatible with the bride's mother and a color that coordinates, but does not match exactly. As the groom's mother, you can enjoy much flexibility. You can dress as formally as the bride's mother, or you can choose a slightly less formal look in a similar color family.* The bride may make suggestions as to style and color, or will at least let you know what her mother has selected.  Do choose a color that looks well on you. If a color is suggested that you do not like, choose a flattering color that will blend with the bride's theme. There are colors that are considered in the neutral range that nearly everyone can wear, such as silver, gold, lavender or turquoise. The consultant at the bridal or dress shop can help you.
Paige and Christy (mother of the bride)
In the past, it was traditional that the groom's mother would not wear black, or other dark colors, 
or ivory, or bright red. However, today, such decisions depend on the bride's feelings and the fashion colors of the season. Traditions are changing and many more colors are acceptable. We have seen many non-tradtional looks that have been lovely. For example, some brides choose a black and white theme, or a navy blue and white theme.  The bridesmaids will be dressed in black or navy. This can be sophisticated and photogenic. For the mothers' dresses, the bride might may suggest navy or a bright contrasting color. The bride is usually more concerned about her mother's dress. However, as a courtesy, do let her know when you have chosen your outfit.

Sometimes a bride chooses a specific about a color theme to carry out. An example is for a destination wedding where she plans artistic photography to show the friends and family back home. There will be only a few members of the bridal party and honored guests invited. The bride might ask both mothers to wear a specific color to create balance in the photos. It also will mean fewer clothes to pack as the accessories work with all mix and match combinations. Although only a small percentage of brides choose destination wedding in far off places, there are variations on this concept. Some have private ceremonies at one location, followed by a larger reception nearer to home. Some couples have ties to both coasts. Or some are having second marriages. These are all examples when a bride might choose a non-traditional yet stylish look. Then with time, other brides with more conventional circumstance see the look and adopt the idea for their own wedding. That is how fashion trends are created and new traditions begin to be formed.

Traditionally the parents of the groom are responsible for the rehearsal dinner. If that is the case in your family, then you might want to choose a stunning outfit for this occasion. Here, you have flexibility as to style and color. To be on the safe side, if your families are more conservative you would probably stay away from solid black or white. For the more relaxed style of the rehearsal dinner, you should have no trouble finding colors and styles to choose from in street-length skirts or casual outfits. While mothers of the groom are typically not as included as mothers of the bride in the planning, they should still wear a festive and happy color to signal their joy.

Mothers of the bride Marie (l) and groom Sue (r)
Color ideas can be viewed at the following website:
*The category of dresses is referred to as "mother of the bride," however, mother of the groom is also included. We encourage mothers of the groom to enjoy themselves in choosing attire as festive and flattering as the mother of the bride as you will be greeting your family and friends, too.

Joanie Char boutique in San Francisco offers a wide range of custom-made styles in women's special occasion clothing to make any mother of the bride or groom look beautiful. If you are not local to her store, call for a consultation. Photos and swatches can be sent for your consideration. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT. Samples of Joanie Char fashions for mother of the bride or groom and special occasion attire can be viewed on the post below,"Mother of the Bride/Groom Ensembles," dated Saturday, 11/26/2011. 

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